Mexico by the Books

I sat on a small dock, watching the sun sink over the ocean. We’d arrived in Belize a few days ago, by boat from Chetumal, Mexico, and made our way directly to Caye Caulker, where I now sat admiring the silhouettes of boats in the darkening sky.

We’d said our goodbyes to Mexico after an amazing month and a half in the country. As we reflected on our time there, in the immigration queue, we counted ourselves lucky for not having any major mishaps. A couple of lost/forgotten items of insignificant value (a clothesline, cheap sunnies) a few more serious bouts with illness, and that was pretty much it. We talked about the highlights as well: the first public bus we caught in Mexico City, the cenote diving, the Pacific Coast.

Though I’ve probably had enough tortillas now to last me quite some months, or years, I would have easily been able to stay in Mexico for longer. I would love to continue exploring the different regions that, in turn, offer such a variety of people and cuisine. Mexico is a beautiful country; plagued, in some ways, with problems and yet blessed with outstanding beauty and magnificent people. We felt as though we’d done a lot of the places that we’d visited justice during our time there, yet didn’t even scrape the surface of many areas of the country. Even where we’d been, we promised to return to, as each region, each city, could have months devoted to it and it still wouldn’t feel like long enough.

Now for the boring part. Let’s pull out some of the hidden accountant from inside me and break down the numbers.

Days: 48
Kilometres: 6,100
Pesos: 26,363
US Dollars: 2,217
Approx. Daily Expenditure (USD): 46

(Budget numbers reflect my expenditures only. Tim’s spending was a small fraction higher, mainly due to surfboard purchases and a slightly harder to satisfy appetite.)

For the Mexico – Brazil adventure, we have a budget of $40 US / day. This was established before some surprises from the Australian Tax Office, but until all of that is resolves in its entirety, we’re banking on that. We expect Mexico, Belize, Costa Rico, and Brazil to be among the most expensive countries we visit; Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to be among the cheapest. At some point I might put the full cost breakdown with expenditures on travel/food/accommodation, but not right now. Trust that you don’t even want to see the Excel spreadsheet.


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