Playa & Sol

Probably mostly due to my burning desire for a night on the town, we opted to overnight in Playa del Carmen before continuing southward for Tulum. Several oversized bottles of Sol (the reigning beer on this coast) and a few shots of tequila spurred heaps of good conversation, and we found ourselves making a reasonably late appearance on the town at around 1 a.m. We popped briefly into The Blue Parrot, one of the most famous beach bars in Playa. We scarcely had time to take advantage of one round of 4 for 100 peso beers before we ran into a friend we had met that afternoon who drug us off to a neighbouring bar. We were treated to some first-class service (it appeared as though our new friends had some pull) and danced as much as we could before calling it a night.

We had a very slow start the following morning while we tried to motivate ourselves (with the help of some delicious smoothies) to get ourselves up, out the door, and into a collectivo bound for Tulum. The collectivos head from Playa del Carmen to Tulum whenever full, which ends up being about every five or ten minutes. They carry around 10 passengers and cost 40 pesos a head, which makes them quicker, easier, and cheaper than taking the bus. People can get off and on whenever they like, and they drop you fairly centrally in Tulum. This was the part of the Yucatan we had been looking forward to most, and we intended to fill our next few days with ruins and beach and diving.


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