From a Rooftop in Cozumel

We passed through Playa del Carmen and headed straight to Cozumel, an island about 45 minutes by ferry from the mainland. Cozumel is a very popular destination from Playa and this makes for a proportionately more expensive ferry ride than Isla Mujeres, at 326 MXN each, round trip.

Immediately upon arriving in Cozumel, we were greeted by a barrage of tourist-aimed goods, shops, restaurants, hostels, and the associated touts. We’d booked a room at Hostelito, a sprawling, multilevel hostel close to the main square. While exploring town on our first night in search of food, we stuck with the customary method of walking a few streets back from the main drag in order to find cheaper and more local eats. We happened upon one of the better supermarkets we’d come across for quite some time, and ended up cooking ourselves up dinner. (Something we’d done far too infrequently in Mexico, due to the cheap and accessible street food. It ended up being quite the treat.)

I was feeling a bit under the weather, and spent half the next day re-energising at the hostel while Tim and Anna shopped around for a dive trip they wanted to do. I took advantage of the terraced outdoor areas of the hostel and did yoga overlooking town, then caught up on some life admin and writing. The team returned with the good news that they’d found a shop they wanted to dive with and were headed out for a twilight and a night dive that evening. I took advantage of our supermarket discovery and started dinner for the crew: a take on fajitas, including a kilo of freshly made tortillas I’d found at the supermarket (for the shockingly low price of 10 pesos) and about as much guacamole.

Tim and Anna really enjoyed their dives, one of which was at a reef wall. Cozumel is world renowned for diving, and they had the chance to see some pretty awesome marine life. A turtle, a shark, sting rays, and an amazing reef wall all featured. They also had the luxury of essentially organising their own dive trip, as it was just them who went out on the boat. The trip ran them 1300 pesos each for the two dives. My brief time in Cozumel was far less exciting, but still perfectly rewarding.

Anna Diving

Photo Credit: Tim Binks


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