It’s Like Riding a Bike

Except this time I’m plummeting downhill on a narrow dirt track, holding on for what feels like dear life. And very well could be. This is my first attempt at mountain biking. On, what I would learn after about 20 kilometers, was a track that is “suitable for experienced mountain bikers only.” When we finished the day, very nearly covered from toe to head in dried mud, I found myself both exhilarated and exhausted. Had I been put on that track by myself, I would have very likely pedaled steadily in the opposite direction, as both technically and physically it exceeded my levels. Luckily, the group I was with was full of patience and encouragement, and I think I succeeded in satisfactorily impressing most of us. There was certainly a lot of walking up hills, trotting awkwardly 2-wheel & 2-leg style over excessively rough rocks and stumps, and a couple of miniature tips. There was also some high-speed puddle smashing, saves in slippery sand, and some pretty adept navigation of various types of rocks, tress, holes, and other dangers.

This is the easy bit.

This is the easy bit.

I’ve discovered a good chunk of new world in the last couple of months, largely because of Kiwi. Adventurous to a fault, the idea of lounging around on a Sunday and accomplishing little more than breakfast has taken some selling. (Keep in mind that I am still average about 55 hours of work in a week – nothing is good for me sometimes.) I’ve been dropped into a world filled with climbing harnesses, mountain bikes, and consistent missions. Luckily for me, yoga mats still make an appearance, occasionally even adorned by Kiwi. Ive found myself drawn more to mountain equipment stores and merino wool than stilettos. Perhaps a phase. Perhaps discovering all kinds of new things that I will grow to love, that I just haven’t had occassion to explore before now. Perhaps I’ll wind up somewhere in the middle; following days on the mountain with nights out salsa dancing. It’s refreshing to know that there are still so many things to discover, and that I’ve barely scraped the surface is what is possible. So life is good and constantly exciting, which is not generally a way I would have described my life in the past (the constantly exciting bit, life has always been good).


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