Third Time Charm

So now I have three jobs. Overkill. And too complex. In order to suss out the situation at the new job before pulling the plug on one of the others, I had to do some schedule finessing which unfortunately and unethically included me calling in sick at one job to work at another. This was shortly followed by me actually getting sick, so I definitely reaped the karma on that one. It was also for the place that sneakily made me pay for three work shirts when I only work two days a week, so I couldn’t really feel too bad. A few shifts at the new place and I was sold, so I called in my resignation at the cafe (a.k.a. The Haven for Screaming Privileged Children) and job count is back down to two.

This time around I think I’ve done it, kids! I am now working full time days, Monday through Friday at a lovely cafe, picturesquely plunked down on one of the piers in central Sydney. I’ve just told (I mean, asked) the bar that (is it okay that?) my new availability is now two days a week, any evening of the week from Monday to Friday. If you haven’t been following my math formulas, this equals normal schedule, weekend fun, and money. Yay!

Pier 8

Speaking of weekend fun, this Friday it’s off to New Zealand, the land of sheep and Middle Earth and zorbing and kiwis. I expect Frodos all around, I will let you know if I’m disappointed.


One thought on “Third Time Charm

  1. Based on extensive research in Scotland, baby sheeps are the cutest livestock ever. hopefully it’s lamb season there too. No dwarf tossing.

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