Cheap Thrills

Again, when the travelling stops and the “real” life begins, I feel as though the stories will begin to become less entertaining, but for now all I have are the tales of living in this city. In practice it is far from boring, but I’m not sure the retelling will be quite to thrilling so I’ll just mention a couple of key new happenings.

The big happy news is that Kiwi is back, and suffice to say things are good on that front and it’s almost impossible to believe that it has been four months since we saw each other. As when I’ve reunited with some of my best friends after a year or more of being apart, we haven’t really missed a beat, which is excellent. The house search went impressively well, and the place that we viewed on Sunday afternoon (the day he got back) was a winner. The bond and rent are paid and the move-in date is set for Wednesday (tomorrow). We will be living with a friend of his and another roommate who is new to the place as well. It’s about a five minute walk from Bondi Beach which is excellent for lifestyle if a little draining for commuting. My job at the restaurant is about a 40 minute transit ride away. There is another location right in Bondi as well, but most of the reason that I like my job is the people that I work with, so I’m not sure if asking for a transfer would be worth it. I have also collected a second job as a waitress at a cafe. It is generally good, but the atmosphere is a bit lacking, and it is still a commute from home. I think I will start scouting out other options within walking distance as a second income to save myself a bit of headache. My combined hours are plentiful, if a bit draining and I’m going to have to finesse the schedules a bit to create a balance that leaves me with heaps of savings and still gives me a life. All of the hours (as I essentially could be working any day of the week any hour of the day from 7 a.m. until midnight or later) generally clash with Kiwi’s schedule as he has A Day Job. The promise of fun weekend missions including canyoning, rock climbing and diving are also beginning to encourage me to consider my options, though any hospitality, hotel, or retail job will require weekend work so I think I’ll just have to go with it and request the occasional Saturday off.

Future missions are already being schemed upon, as I consistently get asked “what next” after Australia. I still don’t have an answer, but the future looks bright. Two of my good friends appear as though they will be both be in Thailand in June, so I may have to justify a trip there for a couple of weeks to visit them. One of best friends from Canada has broached the subject of coming to Oz for a couple of weeks in September, which would be a definite highlight of the year. My parents, aunt, and uncle are planning a trip to Australia and New Zealand in October, which coincides nicely (and purposefully) with the end of my year-long visa. Finally, another great friend and her boyfriend are seriously considering moving to New Zealand in November and are in the process of convincing me this is a good idea for myself as well. Not to mention squeezing in as many mini holidays in this area as I can. All of this on the horizon, and the goal is still to have a substantial stack of money in the bank at the end of these six months to travel, and it’s looking as though New Zealand and/or South America are winning the destination race at this point. The world is our oyster, my friends.


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