Jah Won’t Pay the Bills

Sydney is awesome. My level of happy has increased since being here, and that’s saying something. In fact, my level of happy in Australia has been consistently higher than usual, and that really is saying something as I’m generally very happy anyways. The climate, the lifestyle, and zero pressure to have a real job, a proper place to live, or a plan longer than a week, have really agreed with me. That, and the fact that Sydney life seems to be falling into place a lot easier than set-up-life-in-Australia-attempt-number-one.

You guessed it! I’m officially employed. (In less than a week, winning!) You’re looking at the newest waitress at at German restaurant in downtown Sydney. My friend Jane works at a different location and suggested I apply, as they took her on with basically no experience and have a tendency to hire working holiday staff. I popped into my nearest Cafe on Wednesday, had a trial that night, and was signing my “hire me” papers the next day. I have been told to expect around 20 hours a week to start off with, so the employment search is not fully complete, but it’s a good start. I also learnt to carry three plates on my first shift, which further increases my chances of employment at any other food outlet anywhere.

I am apparently feeling confident enough to actually turn down jobs as well. Mixed in with my restaurant trial were a couple of interviews with a direct sales and marketing company, which proceeded to offer me a commission-based sales position. After my last foray into sales I was reminded that sales is not a field I want to be in and I swore that I would never accept a sales job again. This time I actually listened to myself and declined. That’s sort of a lie. I accepted, as the job was offered to me face-to-face, and then called them later that afternoon to explain another job had come up that I had to accept. Mostly true.

My other prospects on the horizon include a trial at a cafe on Tuesday morning. The manager said that the position that I had applied for had been filled, but he wanted to get me in anyways as “Canadians tend to be good workers.” This being Canadian thing really works in my favour. He said that he has some potential staffing shifts on the horizon so I have a possibility of working there as well. This would be great as, though I am definitely not a morning person, I would prefer a 7 am – 4 pm type of day rather than a 5 pm – 12 am type of day in the long run. Especially on weekends. I learnt this after working in the hotel industry; the evening shift agrees with my inner clock so much more, but the social life sacrifices make it a tough sell.

The real hope is that I will get the job with lululemon. I did have my group interview, and as a mentioned in my last post, I had three minutes to teach the group something. After asking  everyone whose time zone coincided conveniently with mine for ideas, and after chucking out my initial thoughts of the Bend and Snap (from Legally Blonde), folding an origami penguin, and the effects of alcohol on balance (thanks Michael, for this suggestion), I settled on the country two-step. It went down brilliantly. I’m not sure I eat enough kale or do enough (ahem, any) CrossFit to be invited into the lulu club with open arms, but we shall see (by Tuesday, I was told). The trick about this position is that the location I applied for is closing their doors for 4-6 weeks for expansion and renovations, so full-time hours would not start until June-ish. And I have a feeling my visa may be a deal breaker with these guys, but here’s hoping!

That’s about all of the life updates for the moment. Still living in my hostel, which is remaining satisfactory. Weather is getting colder, and when I have a steady income I will be investing in some new layers.


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