Sydney, Round 2. The Extended Version.

I’ve started this post about three times, haven’t gotten around to actually posting it, and then things happen so I have to start over. The first couple of drafts were roughly as follows:

Part 1 – T-3 Days:

Three sleeps until I move to Sydney – one of the most iconic cities in the world. The excitement of this is by no means lost on me, but most of my thoughts at the moment – aside from just enjoying the rest of my time on the Gold Coast – are focused about the practicalities of it all. Namely, finding a job and a place to live. Two and a half weeks after I get there, at least I’ll have the place to live sorted out (sorta). The roommate bit at least. Kiwi is back at the end of April and we will, at that point, be taking on the house hunt team style. Yes, I realize this is skipping a few steps. Shhh.

I have a couple of weeks during which I think I will just put myself up in a hostel due to the fact that the short-term rental market in Sydney appears either (1) grim or (2) shiny but ridiculously expensive. So it is really the job (or lack thereof) that’s staring me in the face at the moment, so the hope is that something opens up on that front pretty quickly upon arrival!

Part 2 – Re-Return:

It took approximately 30 seconds of flying over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House at night for the excitement to go from one lonely butterfly flying around to full-blown kid-in-a-candy-store.

Sydney at Night

The day after I arrived began with productivity and ended with me getting re-captivated by Sydney and wandering around for approximately six hours. And giving my knee something to complain about, as this much walking, especially on concrete, hasn’t been done in months. I took a break late afternoon in Circular Quay and, surrounded by iconic Sydney views (of which there are countless photos, I assure you, still trapped on my camera’s memory card – photos recently freed!), I realized how truly happy I was to be back in this city.

Sydney Opera House

Harbour Bridge

The familiarity of the centre was welcome, as I had stomped these same grounds for weeks back in November. After so many quaint, coastal towns, the bustle and chaos and excess of Sydney energized me. I became immediately more optimistic and confident about the job hunt. Unlike my last Aussie job hunt adventure, where I followed the job to where I would live, I am determined to stay in Sydney and lock a job down here. That I like. Lemon squeezy.

Part 3 – Right Now:

So, the past few days. I left my beloved Michael on the Gold Coast on Thursday evening, which was a sad goodbye, but much more comforting than the last one, as I know I will be seeing him sooner rather than later. The excitement for my return to Sydney was slowly starting to build. Our too-early arrival at the airport ended up being a good thing, as I got bumped up to an earlier flight. I arrived in Sydney in the dark (I always do this in cities, it seems), and flew over most of the glittering city before touching down at the airport. An easy hop onto the train and I was off, transferring at familiar stations, and only briefly having to look at Google Maps to orientate myself. Good feeling. I had booked a hostel in King’s Cross (an area notorious for its nightlife, among other things), mainly due to its reasonably central location and the fact that it is steps from the train. I had a cheap vs. good struggle when booking this hostel, as it pains me to spend more money than necessary, but I also knew I would want to be reasonably comfortable while job hunting. I settled somewhere in the middle, and managed to negotiate Asylum’s price for a week down to an amount that I had to swear not to reveal.

The following day (which is when Part 2 was written) was lovely, as I rediscovered many of the things I love about this city. I met up with a couple of friends that I had met along the coast that evening, and had a great first day back in Sydney. The next day, I opted to take advantage of the sun and tagged along with the same friends to a surf competition in Manly Beach. Manly is about a 20 or 30 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay, and is one of the most popular surf spots in the area.

Ferry Views

This particular event was a fundraiser for Surfers Against Suicide, and Kelly Slater (eleven time world champion, best surfer in the world) was surfing in the competition, which was a treat to see.

Kelly Slater

After scurrying home from the beach, I put on my face and met up with Jane. You may remember Jane, I met her in Byron, reunited with her in Rainbow, and now have the pleasure of sharing Sydney with her. Upon arriving in Sydney, I had learnt that Carmen, the opera, was playing and happened to be ending this weekend. I will admit that it is mostly because of the fact that I share the opera’s name, but I have always wanted to see it. Jane was down, so we met up (ticket-less) and hoped for the best as we approached the outdoor set-up. This miraculously worked in our favour, as we ended up scoring a pair of $215 tickets for $79 each. The stage was floating on the Sydney Harbour, with a magnificent background of the downtown core on one side, and the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge on the other. I would have been happy enough to just stare at the view for three hours, but then the real show began, and I was completely captivated. The story takes place in Sevilla, where I had the utmost pleasure of living for five months. That city will always hold a special place in my heart. Carmen, the captivating gypsy, was an amazing character. The talent – singing, dancing, music, set design, stage hands, all of it – was absolutely outstanding. Bravo!

Carmen Set IMG_2162

I called it a relatively early night (which can be tricky to do in a hostel in King’s Cross) as I had to be up early Sunday morning. I was off to attend a free yoga class at a lululemon store in Bondi Junction, which was to be followed by a quick, informal interview. The yoga was exhilarating, relaxing, and difficult (a sure nod to the fact that my solo practice clearly does not push me enough). A quick chat with the (Canadian) interviewer and I was set up to come in for a group interview on Tuesday morning. Yay for potential job prospects! One aspect of the interview is to teach the rest of the group something. In three minutes. So, for those of you who know me, if you can think of anything I can teach a group of people in three minutes, please let me know. Because I can’t think of anything.

And that’s all. (Phew!) – I will strive for more frequent and less lengthy posts in the coming days. Determined to enjoy the remainder of my time being unemployed, I think I will go for a bit of a stroll. Perhaps head to the beach tomorrow. Bask in the sunshine as I’m sure the “I hate job searching” feelings and resulting posts will be coming soon!


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