Vacation From Vacation

A few non-eventful but lovely days later and it was time to leave Cairns. It’s a good city, and it definitely has the heat going for it, but I was happy to be moving on. A handful of the people who I had met in Cairns really love this city, so there is definitely something about it that can grab certain people. To me, it’s a shame to live in the tropics if you don’t have a beach. Cairns happens to be one of a handful of Northern Queensland towns that makes do with a manmade lagoon (i.e. public, outdoor swimming pool). Part of this may be a good thing, as the number of stingers in these northern waters is quite high, so at least people avoid pesky/painful/serious/deadly jellyfish stings.

I took my first domestic flight in Australia a couple of hours south and was picked up from the Gold Coast airport by Michael. Michael is my best Australian friend, and we had met while he and his partner were living in Canada. They recently made the move back to Australia and are in the process of setting up life on the Gold Coast. I was in for 10 days of reminiscing, catching up, and making all kinds of new memories. I shall not go into the details of the copious (some might say excessive) amount of wine that was consumed during this time, and the resulting singing, dancing, and bowling that ensued.

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

I also got the benefit (we’ll go with that) of beginning to adjust to the cooler climate as I move south. My timing on this Aussie trip has been essentially completely backwards from ideal, as I spent wet season travelling around the tropics in the north, and will spend winter shivering in the south. Apparently my Canadian blood isn’t that strong, as I found myself curled up on the balcony in 20 degrees, wearing two hoodies and a pair of sweatpants, complaining about the cold. I’m prepared for the barrage of hate I will get from that statement, but I have apparently acclimatized to the warmth very quickly, and to come from 35 degrees and humid to this is quite a change. Reunions in Canada must take place in August, folks.

The other part of my 10-day “vacation” (essentially) is to begin the life-set-up process in Sydney. The goal is to soon no longer be unemployed and homeless. Constantly searching job websites for hospitality jobs in Sydney has led to a very small handful of positions that I’ve chucked my resume at, with low expectations of responses. Being on a short-term visa tends to not help your case, I’ve discovered, as many postings state that I need not apply if not a permanent resident. Ahh, I’m sure it will all come together. Eventually.


2 thoughts on “Vacation From Vacation

  1. sounds like you are somewhat reluctantly taking on your next leg….hope your reunion with Sydney will alay all your trepidation. Wishing you an interesting job and that your feet don’t get too sore pounding the pavement in search of work. Love Mom.

    blog well said…good language and leaves me wanting more!

    • Very excited for the next bit! Job searching is just draining. It’s been awesome with Michael but I’m stoked to be heading back to Sydney, will be much more so once I’m a bit more … employed.

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