The Driest I’ve Ever Been While in a Canoe

The next stop after Brisbane was Noosa. Or should I say rain. It may have been from living in Queensland through several weeks of rainy season, but while rain appears to make other backpackers melt and cry, I can still manage to be in it. And (gasp!) even have fun. Luckily I happened to meet a small crew who were on the same page. The plan for Noosa was a three-day bush camp and two-day canoe trip. With a side of approximately one meter of rain. A 10 kilometer canoe trip up and down the Noosa river in a downpour with two people who don’t know how to canoe could be a pain, but luckily I was in my half-flooded canoe with two lovely Brits. We spent the majority of the day lagging behind the group, wildlife spotting, dodging trees, and banging out Roman-esque war songs on the side of the canoe.

This experience may have something to do with the fact that 80% of the canoe trips I’ve ever been on involved massive storms. Growing up, we lived very close to the North Saskatchewan River, a large river flowing from the Rocky Mountains through Central Saskatchewan in Canada. This may paint a horribly stereotypical picture, but my family also owned a canoe (true Canadians, here). Many a canoe trip was taken down this river, and it may be my selective memory, but I seem to only remember ones that ended in near disaster. Nights spent on sandbars in the center of the river in thunderstorms. Hours spent huddling under tipped over canoes in the rain. Bailing from the river kilometers before our intended end point and my brother hitchhiking to get our car. So bailing a few liters of water from our canoe down the Noosa River meant that this was an entirely successful canoe trip for me.

Fearless Canoe Trip Team

Slightly Damp

The first night at camp we slept in what could best be described as a dorm, but felt more like a tree house sans tree, complete with hammock-style beds. For the following nights, my love of hearing rain on a tent was more than fulfilled as we curled up in slightly damp two-man tents. I intended to leave camp a day early to squeeze in another trip to Fraser Island, but the roads to Rainbow flooded (as they do), so this means a little extra time in Noosa.


2 thoughts on “The Driest I’ve Ever Been While in a Canoe

  1. it all looks amazing and lots of fun and adventure….you look great too…as usual…canoes well we know what that can be like…I’m thinking I’m going to take up kayaking…wonder if it will be any diffferent…Love you to bits…enjoy and keep writing….will be posting pics of Cuba soon.!!! Mom

  2. Oh come on now. It was not that bad (aside from the time we just about got electrocuted in the thunder storm), or that other time when we… ) There where pleasant moments. I recall you stretched out catching the sun while someone else paddled. Glad you are keeping the tradition alive.

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