I didn’t make it to Fraser Island on Monday. Another company’s mistake with a booking, their panicked call around to see if any tours had a space left, and me being a local agent who can – in theory – go any time equals a bump off of the tour for me. Rather than further mess with our already complicated work schedule, I booked in for the following Monday and am hoping for the best. I still have a few weeks of bump-able time before I actually have to get to the island. I did get my regular two day weekend, which was spent doing your average weekend-y things: A solid mix of nothing, running errands, yoga, and going out dancing. Monday night happens to be the most happening in Rainbow, where an actual DJ spins at the local pub and people, occasionally even wearing heels, actually dance. The fact that the whole operation shuts down at midnight reminds you that you are still in Rainbow. In fact, the evening generally reminds me a bit of being at someone’s wedding reception, what with the wooden dance floor, awkward period of time where no one is on it, and communal everybody-knows-everybody dance circles that eventually emerge. Nevertheless, the night is always fun and, after all, beggars can’t be choosers.


One thought on “Postponed

  1. Finally catching up on your blog. We’re envious and the pictures are great! Dora and I are going to escape the -20 temperatures for a week in mid February and go to Costa Rica. Looking forward to the +30 weather. Our love, Gerry & Dora

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