Reunions and Related Thoughts

It’s interesting and excellent how quickly people adapt. And also how quickly things, that were very recently not even in our radar of existence, become familiar and comforting. The reminder I recently got of this was not a thing, but a person. I had met Jane, a lovely Vancouverite, in Byron Bay around the end of November. She had managed to travel all the way up to Cairns and was headed back south to set up shop in Sydney. She popped in to Rainbow Beach for a couple of days to visit, which was great fun. While travelling, meeting up with a friend that you have met anywhere apart from where you currently are is a luxury not to be understated. The very act of reuniting while travelling has the instantaneous effect of making you feel more at home. And not necessarily at home as in back at your old home. It makes you feel like this new place, this strange place where you now spend your days, is a little bit more like a home. This can be reuniting with, as stated, a new friend. It can be stumbling upon a favourite food from back home. (I would kill for a bagel right now. Or poutine.) It can be music, art, dancing, a book. What has to be the most sought after reunion is with friends or family from back home. Though homesick is approximately the last word I would use to describe myself at any point in my journey thus far, my notions to continue this year in Australia into a much longer and broader world journey do make me think about the importance of keeping ties with those close to my heart but exceptionally far in distance. I’m lucky to be surrounded by a group of people who have minds open enough and imaginations wild enough to scarcely hesitate before they begin sketching the idea of a trip across the globe to jointly chase their own passions and visit me. One of the greatest friends anyone could hope to have, a brilliant and beautiful accountant currently residing on the east coast of Canada, is in the process of applying for a four month long stint with her company down under. Another close friend of mine, who has far too many scandalous stories to be as successful as she is, is currently dreaming of escaping her real life as a lawyer and joining me across the globe for a few months. I think my parents, in their signature fashion, had started scheming about New Zealand before I even booked my ticket. I greatly encourage these and any other endeavors, as this move most definitely tops the Best Things I’ve Ever Done List.

So, a reunion with Jane was certainly welcomed. We spent a couple of days catching up and being tourists, highlights of which included visiting the Carlo Sandblow close to town and ocean kayaking. The joy of kayaking was diminished slightly when Jane took a bluebottle sting to the arm, but a lovely day was still had.

Carlo SandblowKayaking - Views of the Rainbow shore.The trip to the Sandblow also resulted in an inspirational yoga shot that should get me going on the 30 Day Yoga Challange goal:

Yogi on a CliffI’m double time at work for the next few days, and then have a gorgeous three day “weekend” during which I will be taking off to Fraser Island (again). This time I will have a bit more time to do the island justice and will be spending three days and two nights on a “Tag-a-Long Safari,” which involves cruising around in 4x4s with a heap of other backpackers. Adventures!


2 thoughts on “Reunions and Related Thoughts

  1. we put this photo as our background….wonderful…you are looking great and well balanced! nice to see old, new friends eh? Love you

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