Prairie Girl on a Surfboard

I’m a creature of the land. I grew up in the middle of Canada, okay? Oceans were not part of the daily life. Maybe I should have tried harder to love winter, so I could spend time more time on a snowboard. On the ground. Instead, for some reason, I am drawn to the beach. And it seemed a shame to spend so much time on beaches in Australia and not attempt to jump on a surfboard. So that was the goal.

I still have ocean dripping out of my nose (attractive image, I know), and my arms – now reduced to jelly – are shaking as I try to lift up my cup of coffee. All because of – dare I say it? – a reasonably successful surfing lesson! Yes, folks. Today I surfed a wave. Several, in fact, with the assistance of the lovely Rainbow Beach Surf School instructor, Ty. I wish there were photos, for I’m sure they would supply some comedic relief.

I see why people do this. Getting hammered by waves and flopping repeatedly into the ocean does not sound like a good time, but I assure you, it is. Oh, and we must not forget swallowing buckets of saltwater. Nevertheless, I’m already waiting for my next day off from work so I can head to Double Island Point for better and longer waves. The prospect of having something to do on my days off makes Rainbow slightly more appealing. I feel as though I could draw a very irregular, spiky graph of my satisfaction with this place. Right now, happy levels in Rainbow are high. This euphoria may be enhanced by the caffeine/sugar high from the latte and apple turnover I treated myself to after said surf lesson, but I’ll take it.


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