Escaping a Black Hole

So much has happened in the last few days that I’m not entirely sure where to start. I had essentially come to the conclusion that Byron and I were just not going to work. It was quite sad – sort of like trying to make a relationship work with someone that you love the idea of, but none of the practical parts align. I had found a person to couchsurf with for a couple of days, so I figured I’d search for some jobs and start making a move to the Gold Coast or Brisbane. I spent a night with my new host, went for a morning hike up Mount Warning, and then he promptly got the news that he was needed in Brisbane that afternoon. Ideal! Something was falling into place to get me on the road. About half an hour of excitement was followed by extreme frustration. The engine in his campervan – which had just been replaced – was acting up. My host was concerned that it wouldn’t make the trip to Brisbane, so he dropped me off in Byron Bay and took off for his mechanic’s shop. Argh! Get me out of this town!!! In the mindset now that I was leaving, I was therefore determined to do so. I booked the first bus out of town, to leave that afternoon at 6 p.m. A hostel followed, and I commenced enjoying my last day in Byron Bay with some bakery and beachside relaxation. A couple of hours into my second new plan for the day, I received a call from an adventure travel company in Brisbane. I had applied with a job for them on a whim, and after chatting with the HR manager for a few minutes, she asked if I could make it in for an interview. Ah, how things fall into place! I arranged to meet her the next afternoon.

From the Summit of Mount Warning

From the Summit of Mount Warning

Happy as a clam, convinced that something good was going to come out of this newest development, I started to get myself in gear to take off. About an hour before my bus was to leave, I headed back towards the hostel where my bags were stored. I stopped briefly to chat with some of the people working at another travel store, and it came out that I had an interview in Brisbane for a similar company the next day. I happened to be talking to one of the owners of the business, and this casual conversation somehow resulted in him offering me a job after about five or ten minutes. He needed another team member for their new office in Rainbow Beach – a tiny town a few hours further north. I was, of course, a bit wary. Where is this place, who are you, what is the catch? Regardless, I liked the PEI native and trusted my gut enough to take a shot on this one. One more night in Byron – that town is a black hole – and off to Rainbow the next day. About 30 seconds after arriving in Rainbow and taking a cruise on the beach, I was quite convinced this would be a reasonable place to stay for a few months. The town quaint, the beach stunning, and the people exceptionally friendly. As an added bonus, from a certain point of view, Rainbow does not have all that much going on. This should lead to increased savings. I was happy with my decision, even with the added twist that a restaurant in Byron offered me a job the night I was leaving.

A few days into my new life led to no regrets. After staying only two nights in the nearest hostel, I found a lovely room to rent – in a proper house! – for pennies. The people have not disappointed, the weather is spectacular, and the pace of life is ideal. In other happy news, I finally picked up a card reader for my camera (one of my missing accessories) and will be slowly adding photos to old posts. Scroll.


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