Wrapping Up

Today was my last day in Sydney. After spending so long aimlessly roaming around a city, it is strange when you finally have an imminent departure date. As my plans for Australia are still very vague (read: nonexistent), it is a distinct possibility that I won’t be seeing Sydney again, at least not any time soon. Though I do have much more of a reason to come back than I did when I first arrived.

As a fitting way to say goodbye to this lovely city, I did what is my favourite thing to do in most any city: Wander somewhat aimlessly around, revisit a few favourite spots, and stop frequently for coffee and snacks. This final tour took me back to Circular Quay for some final, iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House views. I ambled back through The Rocks, the oldest neighourhood in the city, and then over to Darling Harbour, which has become one of my favourite spots. Lined with tasty eateries, bustling with constant foot and ferry traffic, and boasting lovely city views, Darling Harbour is a lovely place to be when you have no place to be.

Darling Harbour

My final few days in Sydney continued to remain excellent. A friend very near and dear to me has a brother who lives in Sydney, and I had the pleasure of catching up with him a couple of times in my final week. We bonded over too much wine and stories of his brother’s shenanigans. The other highlight was the play I attended at the Sydney Opera House. Signs of Life was packed on a Monday night with an eclectic crowd of businesspeople in suits, theatre people in hemp, and twenty-somethings in shorts. The play, with four actors, depicted a strangely touching encounter between a white widow and an Aboriginal brother-sister duo. (The dead husband appeared to us as well). I followed this with a tasty, if not entirely thrilling, sushi dinner. Tomorrow we leave at an ungodly hour for South West Rocks, a prime diving spot about five and a half hours up the coast, and then I continue on to Byron Bay. Cheers, Sydney.


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