[Aside] The Search for Sushi Continues & Kangaroo Spotting

I apologize for the randomness and irrelevance of this post. Long story short: When living in Spain, one of my closest friends, Leah, and I began a hunt for the greatest sushi in the country. With still unfulfilled dreams of starting a website solely dedicated to the global pursuit of sushi, our love for this particular cuisine has not waned. Now, whenever travelling, it seems almost necessary to at least suss out the local sushi scene. So here is my take thus far:

It’s different here than in Canada. (Brilliant observation, I know). What I mean is … there are places that look as though they get pretty creative and have delicious rolls to eat, but you are going to pay a massive premium. For sushi real people can afford on a regular basis, you will find a slew of mid-range restaurant/take out combination places. They will display a pile of pre-made rolls, with a few of your standbys (California with fake crab, etc.), as well as a broader selection of chicken-and-other-meat based rolls with non-traditional additions such as sun-dried tomatoes and asparagus. These are not our standard rolls, either (see photo). They’ll wrap you up one of these monsters, throw in an adorable little fish-shaped soy sauce container for somewhere between $2.50 – $4.00 / roll. Another 10 – 30 cents you get ginger and wasabi as well. I’ve yet to be blown away by these take away rolls (as can be imagined), and I’d say their tastiness hovers above grocery store sushi but below mediocre restaurant sushi at home. I have yet to actually eat in at one of these places, so am not sure if you get more selection from the table. Will investigate.

As for the kangaroo. Yes! I have seen a kangaroo in Australia. Two, in fact. The second was much more exciting. The first was just a tiny dude hanging out on the side of the road somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney. He could have been a wallaby (to my untrained eyes). The second kangaroo spotting was when I happened to behind the wheel, still trying not to drive off the left hand side of the road, and trying to remember that my right hand opens doors, it doesn’t shift gears. I was slowing to exit when BAM! A giant kangaroo went hopping across the highway in front of me. Luckily, he was far enough away that I had time to brake and avoid, but I could imagine how unnerving it would be to slam right into a kangaroo first day driving in Australia. I see why (sadly) so many of them become roadkill.

And that’s it, that’s all for this tangent. ‘Til next time!


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