Patches of Green

I’ve discovered a great house to couchsurf at, and that my backpack is too full. I don’t know how it happened, as it somehow all fit comfortably on the way here, but my first mission across the city was a little less than comfortable. I’m not sure what I can get rid of, but I’ll be going through and trying to ditch any heavy items deemed unnecessary before I move again.

As for the house, my generous hosts have offered to let me crash for as long as needed, since my ride-share to Sydney fell through. The house and housemates are fantastic, in a really good neighbourhood of Melbourne, and the house happens to include a hot tub. I’m searching on Gumtree for a new lift to Sydney that doesn’t appear too terribly … sketchy. The other feasible option is to relocate a campervan, but this could be less than thrilling solo. There’s also the chance of crashing headlong into oncoming traffic while driving down the wrong side of the road.

Regardless of departure date, I’m still enjoying discovering different corners of Melbourne. The two days of 30 degree weather helped, but even on chilly, cloudy days it’s a great city. Yesterday I explored St. Kilda. There is a popular beach in the neighbourhood and a few streets of great eats and shopping. I happened to stumble upon the St. Kilda community garden which, despite the permeating smell of composting food, was excessively charming. The organic garden with over 140 plots is open to the public to cultivate their own personal patches of greenery. The windy paths and touches of artwork throughout add to its charm.

The move to couchsurfing has managed to temporarily quell my restlessness, but I am feeling ready to move on soon. Hopefully Sydney will be in my near future!


One thought on “Patches of Green

  1. Sweet blogroll, yo. But really, good to see you writing. Or the results of such, at least. It’s tough hey? But keep it up. Also please don’t get stabbed by a rideshare person. Also if I get stabbed by a rideshare person, tell Interpol the info’s in my email. Also I agree – England seems to be stuffed with massive community gardens, and they’re so fun. People build crazy sheds and such too, it’s really neat. Also, did you eat a kangaroo yet?

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